The Chocolate Soldier

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They taste as great as they look!

De Francis and her European helpers, Petra and Petko Karaivano create fabulous indulgences for you to enjoy. Found in the historic pottery barn off brooks street De Francis creates chocolaterie works of art, that taste great too! Tucked behind the Chocolate Soldier in Laguna Beach is the Kitchen 

At most any time during the day, you can watch the magic happen. There are viewing windows all around the kitchen just so you can see how we make theses incredible edibles.

Being right across the street from us we can create any custom orders fresh for you to pick up or have delivered. You’ve gotta stop over there some time though to check it out!


Glass Art by local artist Barbara Lolli


Barbara lolli

Design spiritually inspired by the seaweed, sand, and creatures of the sea. Made in Laguna and great for decorating your home or garden. You can find Barbara & her two Borzoi dogs hiking, at Fishermen’s cove, or at the Sawdust festival.

Stop by and check out her work sometime at our shop and say hello at the Sawdust!


Dave Khors Fairy house and wood workings


Dave Khors design

Dave is a master carpenter with over 30 years experience and has channeled those skills creatively in many ways. Originally a Sawdust artist doing custom bird houses, he now does live edge wood with epoxy resin finished tables that are made to last. These all come with custom leg options to meet your needs. He also creates one-of-a-kind fairy houses inspired by his sisters creative child care center in Illinois. Dave is still the head contractor for most of Laguna, BUT he makes time to enjoy creating these masterpieces.


Barbara Turner art


Born in Lancashire, England, Barbara spent her childhood in a small village on the edge of Pennine moors.Emanating from her thirst for travel, combined with the magnetism of nature’s influence, Barbara has evolved as a “storyteller” through the marriage of realism and the abstract in her art. Barbara is a kind soul who we cherish getting to call a close friend here, and we really think her and her art are not only beautiful but worth supporting.


P.F. Candle Co.


made in la candle company

PF candle co. is an LA-based fragrance company, owned and operated by wife-and-husband team Kristen Pumphrey and Thomas Neuberger. All hands are on deck at their warehouse in southern California to design, produce, pack, and ship to countries around the world. These might not be made in Laguna, but we are glad to say we get to support a great small candle business with amazing scents!


Fancy beach supplies


turkish cotton beach towels

These incredibly aesthetic beach towels don’t just look great, they are also really practical. They are lightweight, dry quickly, and are highly absorbent. They are flat-woven and traditionally used in turkish bath houses, but I heard these ones work best on the sandy beaches of Laguna.


Laguna herbals


Laguna Herbals was founded to research and develop safe and effective health and wellness products, whose formulations are built on using the highest quality natural and organic ingredients. All of our ingredients are plant or mineral based and we avoid using any harmful or questionable chemicals. As an independent company, we will never compromise the principles behind our products and their ability to provide great results. We surf, run, and live life in this stuff and trust it to work well for you too!


Features Overview


Foundations Jewelry. Costa Mes, CA

Foundations Jewelry Co. was birthed out of the idea that people and their stories are worth investing into. We all are building something, pouring our daily energies into something we are hopefully passionate about, something that will repair the broken cracks in our ceilings, fix the holes in the walls of our hearts, and beautifully adorn our world to make it worthy to be lived in.